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and email us immediately with payment advice notification.

We will email your fonts to you.


Phone (03) 9754 8226 (within Australia only)

Phone us for our banking details, and we will email the fonts to you straight away.

Purchasers of the FontAnimal Complete Catalogue can opt for the fonts to be loaded onto an exclusive fontatastic FontAnimal FontStick (USB) and delivered to your door.

FontAnimal can also produce custom typefaces and type modification to create a unique identity.

Contact FontAnimal by email if you would like a Specimen Sheet for any fonts or further info regarding the ‘other stuff’. 

Multiple User Licensing

The Initial License for each FontAnimal font or font package above allows you to use the fonts on 5 computers (CPUs) and/or 2 output devices (vinyl cutter or any other machine that uses the font data to create letterforms) at one physical location. Where larger numbers of CPUs are employed, apply the following:

1 - 51 x package price

6 - 252 x package price

26 - 503 x package price

51 - 754 x package price

76 - 1005 x package price